Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Christmas That Electricity Forgot

Hello there, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I can't believe it's already here. It seems like I've been waiting for months... Ah yes, I have! However, I'm sure that this Christmas will be like no other because... We have no power. 

I am currently sitting in my room, on my iPhone (which is at 17% battery, yikes!) using up whatever battery/data I can to stay current. My brother and dad have gone into the city to get propane for the barbecue, and we are all bored as biscuits. The cars not parked in the garage are covered in a shield of ice (including mine) and the roads are quite treacherous. To top it off, there are a total of 45,000 people without power around the province. 

This is kind of poopy, but also a learning experience! Maybe a new tradition or two will come from it, like barbecued Christmas dinner or candlelight opening of presents. Who knows? Bring on the holiday cheer, I say! What is your favourite Christmas memory? Leave a comment :)

Merry Christmas to all,
Liv xoxoxo

UPDATE: my dad just called from Costco to say they are bringing home a generator! Christmas with a running fridge and a couple of lamps is good enough for me. Woohoo!

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  1. Ha, what an adventure! I would light up every candle I have, I guess it would be cozy :) Hope you still had a lovely Christmas :)

    xo Mel
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