Friday, 27 December 2013

Underneath the Tree // Christmas 2013

Hey there,
happy day-after-Boxing-Day day!

I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, and of course a few goodies from Santa!

As I said in my last post, I was without power, and my dad didn't end up bringing home a generator. So our family opened presents by candle light at 5AM and I am only just getting to try out anything electronic! Thankfully, our power was restored around 6PM last night, but by that time I was at a hotel with a couple of friends, having the best shower of my entire life. What a Christmas to remember!

In the spirit of the season, I thought I would share with you some of the treats that Santa brought me. Keep in mind, I am not intending to brag, but thought someone out there might be interested in taking a peek!

My friend put together these cute handmade gifts, what a neat idea!

I asked for a lot of beauty-related things, but was loaded up with gift cards instead, to choose my own items. But here are two things I did get! An "Our Moment" rollerball perfume, and a new Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. I was tickled to get this, as it's one of my favourite beauty products and I had lost mine!

This is a really cool idea, I thought. You mix up the batter and pour it into this little skillet, pop it in the oven, and you have a delicious skillet cookie!

I absolutely love this little crocheted purse. It's a cross-body bag, with just enough room for my camera and money while on my trip to the UK. This is from New Look, on ASOS. I am also a fan of the clasp!

As I am something of a movie fanatic, no Christmas would be complete without a couple of DVDs. The One Direction movie was an absolute must-have, and my brother bought me "The Back-up Plan" upon my request. Brothers do need a bit of guidance every now and then when it comes to these matters.

My aunt lives halfway across the country, so she almost always buys our presents on Amazon and has the box sent to our house. This year, I got this really cool guidebook for our trip, along with a One Direction calendar! She just knows me.

I knew I was getting these, as I picked them out at a Black Friday sale at Best Buy. I've tried them once, and the sound quality is stunning. Definitely worth the extra money, but I'll have to work on my nasty habit of losing these types of things...

If you read one of my earlier Christmas Favourites posts, you'll know that each member of my family receives a Hallmark ornament every year. This year I got this precious model of Hogwarts Castle. When you press a button on the front it plays the Harry Potter theme song, and there is an opening in the back to stick a Christmas light in, illuminating the windows. Magical!

Every year I ask my mom if we can get a puppy for Christmas. Specifically a Norwich Terrier, I am OBSESSED with those things. So this year she thought it would be funny to get me a puppy Pandora charm. Well played, mother. Then, one of my best friends Kim (shameless plug for her blog goes here) got me a tiny little teacup charm! Thanks girlfriend!

Yes, my most fabulous present of all (well, to me anyway). I got this lovely Canon SX280 HS. My DSLR is a Nikon, so it was a bit of a betrayal asking for a Canon. But who cares about that stuff! I wanted this for my trip, as it has a wicked zoom for all of the concerts we are going to. I may not have mentioned this before, but along with One Direction we also scored cheap(ish) tickets for Katy Perry and McBusted! As many concert venues don't allow DSLR cameras, a point-and-shoot camera is a must. This is the perfect size!

Finally, I was VERY lucky to receive a ticket for a SECOND One Direction concert next summer, this time in Boston! I didn't photograph this one as they haven't arrived yet, but you can imagine that I am terribly excited about that one, as well. Comment below if you happen to be going, too (on August 7th)!

What did you all get for Christmas? I want to know :) Hopefully you've enjoyed taking a little peek under my tree. This is the first time I've ever photographed products like this, with the twinkle lights and all! I think it turned out quite well.

So, until next time,
Liv xox

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Christmas That Electricity Forgot

Hello there, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I can't believe it's already here. It seems like I've been waiting for months... Ah yes, I have! However, I'm sure that this Christmas will be like no other because... We have no power. 

I am currently sitting in my room, on my iPhone (which is at 17% battery, yikes!) using up whatever battery/data I can to stay current. My brother and dad have gone into the city to get propane for the barbecue, and we are all bored as biscuits. The cars not parked in the garage are covered in a shield of ice (including mine) and the roads are quite treacherous. To top it off, there are a total of 45,000 people without power around the province. 

This is kind of poopy, but also a learning experience! Maybe a new tradition or two will come from it, like barbecued Christmas dinner or candlelight opening of presents. Who knows? Bring on the holiday cheer, I say! What is your favourite Christmas memory? Leave a comment :)

Merry Christmas to all,
Liv xoxoxo

UPDATE: my dad just called from Costco to say they are bringing home a generator! Christmas with a running fridge and a couple of lamps is good enough for me. Woohoo!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

I Am Alive

Hello? Anyone out there? Anyone?

Yes, hello, it is I. Liv. I didn't get buried under a snowdrift, or run over by a herd of horses. However, I have been EXTREMELY busy finishing all of those brutal end-of-semester assignments. I apologize for not keeping up with my posts, but sometimes you have to prioritize a bit, ya know? Tomorrow or Monday I'll be getting started with my Christmas baking, so I'll be posting both my favourite holiday recipe, as well as some shots of my first attempt at making macarons. It's sure to be a real treat! Shhh see what I did there. So, I'm now going to retreat to my blanket fort, finish my last paper, and then rejoice because my Christmas season will officially have begun! 

Until tomorrow,
Liv xx

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Best of Pinterest // Holiday Favourites

Hey all,

yes, it's me! I've finally resurfaced from the underneath a pile of studying and assignments. Tonight I wanted to do something a little different (let's face it, I say that at the beginning of every post) and give you a little boost this Christmas season. Have you ever spent hours looking through boards of Pinterest, trying to find a cute recipe, craft, or decoration? I know I have. So this Christmas I thought I'd give you a head start by compiling some of my favourite holiday posts from Pinterest so far. Go ahead and take a gander!

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars
For the beauty enthusiast in your life, check out this simple recipe to learn how to make cute sugar scrub bars! Not only do they look pretty, they are exfoliating and smell lovely. What a great, inexpensive gift.

Cranberry Yogurt Coffee Cake
Ever been left with massive helpings of cranberry sauce after Christmas dinner? Here's a solution: bake it into a delicious cake! I've never heard of a coffee cake with yogurt before, but it's sure to be a real treat.

Wood Stocking Hanger
Don't have a mantel, but still want to leave out a stocking for Santa to fill! This is a great idea to use reclaimed wood and hooks for your Christmas sock.

Melted Snowman Cookies
These cookies are just so adorable. Put your own twist on them and give them out for a cookie swap, as a homemade gift, or at a holiday party! How cute!

Festive Wine Bottles
If you tend to have some wine bottles lying around during the holidays, and absolutely love twinkle lights as much as I do, then I'm sure you will love this DIY decoration idea. So simple, but so chic!

So there you have it. A little bit of Christmas-y Pinterest cheer to get you started on your holiday festivities (who am I kidding, I know you've started long ago). Hope you enjoyed, and let me know in the comments if you enjoy this sort of post!

Until next time,
Liv :)

PS. 22 days and counting! Also, you can follow me on Pinterest under the username livloves17xo