Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Big Secret // Beauty Buys

Hello everyone!

Another week gone by that I've been slacking in the blogging department, but what else is new? I figure that this is a hobby, so if some time goes by that I can't spare a moment to blog, then that will be okay.

I have returned to the blogosphere today because I am dying to tell you about a miracle hair product I have uncovered. For years I have been struggle with hair that becomes greasy very easily, and a scalp that itches when you apply almost any product. I have bought many a clinical shampoo, been checked for head lice multiple times, the lot. But I just couldn't seem to find a product that worked! Of course I must have looked crazy, taking a scratch at my head when I thought no one was looking, and it can become a pain when you have to wash your hair every day. Until about a week ago. That was when it hit me.

*drumroll please?!*

KIDS' shampoo! When you think about it, it makes sense, doesn't it? Kids' shampoo doesn't contain as many of the nasty additives, is soft on your hair, and usually comes as 2-in-1 with conditioner. Not only that, but it smells wonderful to boot. I swear, I would go wash my hair again right now just to smell it. It left my hair feeling soft, no itchies on my scalp, and I didn't have to condition, so no greasy hair! The new kind also does not contain any parabens, which is A+ in my books.

I do tend to have some knotty hair sometimes, but no matter: I've found the solution for that too.

This stuff works miracles, and the two products combined leave your hair feeling and smelling fantastic. 

You may think I'm crazy, but I have to tell you, this duo really works. If you're looking for something that won't weigh your hair down and is easy on the chemicals, go out and buy this now! At $9 for the two combined, it's a steal of a deal.

Until next time!
Liv xx

Monday, 10 February 2014

First Update // Liv Loses

Hello there!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have begun the slow and steady journey that is weight loss. Today, I just thought I would give you a bit of an update!

To be honest, the last month or so has been completely horrible when it came to my quest. Since I am living back home for the moment, I've filled up my schedule with activities I couldn't do when away at school. This has been great, but since taking a second job it has been entirely too much. Due to being absolutely exhausted all of the time, I have been constantly sick in some form for at least three weeks now! What a drag. Time management has never been one of my strong suits, and it's beginning to catch up with me for sure.

So, let's start again, shall we? I'm still not all the way back up to my starting weight, so let's get cracking. This is a rather boring update, but I did say I'd be keeping myself accountable on here!

Until the next (hopefully better) time,
Liv xx

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Invisible // Music

Hello there everyone!
It's been a week since you've heard from me... That must mean that the semester has officially begun! Back into the swing of things, let's get rolling!

I don't know about you, but I tend to find new music by browsing through the top charts of iTunes. And boy, did I ever stumble on a gem this week!

If you read my previous post about how I have a bit of a soft spot for country music, then you might have guessed that I love Hunter Hayes. Hunter Hayes is a 22-year-old country/pop singer from Louisiana, and his music is to die for. I've always been impressed with how thoughtful and meaningful his lyrics are, and it also helps that he filmed the video for my favourite song in my little city, IN MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL! But this is not what I am writing this post about.

This week, I was especially impressed with Hunter Hayes. Near the top of the charts was his new song "Invisible". Basically, the song is about being bullied when you're young, how he has been there, and a promise that it will get better. As someone who was a victim of bullying in high school, this song made me tear up a bit the first time I heard it. I wanted to share it with you today; whether you've been bullied in the past or are going through it now. If you're facing it now, I promise you that the song is right, and it does get better. It definitely did for me.

So if you're feeling lost, or just down in the dumps, I would definitely recommend this song to you. It's so inspirational, and it just might help you get through those really tough times.

The lyric video leaves a little to be desired, but you get the idea :)

Until next time,
Liv xoxo