Monday, 9 February 2015

"The One", or Just "One"?

Hi all,

I've been doing some thinking lately, and I wanted to write my thoughts to try and make sense, and so you guys can weigh in if you like!

So, in my church I kind of mentor a girl in our youth group. She is 17 going on 30, and she actually helps me sometimes and has some really interesting thoughts and ideas. The other day, she texted me distressed after one of her classes.

You see, her teacher ruined love. Basically, she said that there is no such thing as one true soulmate, but possibly a few people around the world who you come into contact with and fall in love. So in her opinion, love is based on a series of "geographical happenings". Well. How upset would you be as a 17 year old girl who thinks that everyone has 'one true love'. It's as if her dream was crushed! But this conversation got me thinking.

In this world, is there really only one person for us? One true love, or soulmate for everyone? I'm not so sure. If this was the case, then I think there would be a whole lot of people who never got married. What if my mom's soulmate lived in China? I would never have existed. Well maybe, but I would have looked a bit different. What if Kate Middleton grew up in Papua New Guinea? Where would Prince George be now?

It could be true that love depends on 'geographical happenings'. But maybe those geographical happenings are the work of "true love's" magical forces bringing those two people together. Who knows, really?! What I do know is, I hope some geographical happenings come into my life sometime real soon! What do you guys think of this phenomenon?

Until next time,
Liv :)