Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oh, Canada!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I imagine you are. I am home from my European adventure, and although I had the best intentions of updating you during the trip, hotel internet can be a bit sketchy sometimes. It did not work in my favour, so now here I am with what I'm sure will be a mammoth post. Without further adieu, here's what we got up to!

In my last post, I posted some pictures of the Niall Horan Charity Football Challenge in Leicester. So, I'll start going through my pictures from that point on and just post some of my favourite ones with a little blurb where necessary. Get it? Got it? Good.


So, one of the first things we had to do in London was, obviously, go to afternoon tea. We really enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland themed tea at the Sanderson hotel. Uber expensive, but SO worth it! The dress I'm wearing is from Forever 21, and Kim's is from Bluenotes (I believe).


After tea, we were already on Oxford Street so we decided to do a bit of shopping. We didn't buy any cheesy items at all... #primark

Harry looks slightly deformed there, but you get it. We then made a last minute decision to venture down to the London Eye, just as the sun went down.


Here are a few pictures from the next few days of sightseeing. At the end of our first stint in London, we went to a Katy Perry concert at the O2 Arena. I didn't take any pictures inside as I could only bring my phone and we were too far up. But the bottom right photo is myself all done up for the event!



The morning after Katy Perry, we attempted to catch a train/ferry to Dublin for the next two days. Of course we missed the train. But, there was another shortly after, so we boarded that one with our wallets a bit lighter, through Wales and on to Dublin! These two pictures show where we passed through that town... with the really long name. A lady on the train taught us how to say it! Kind of...
The second picture was a very excited one, as we found Tim Horton's in Dublin!! For those of you non-Canadians, Tim Horton's coffee shops are like a national symbol. Don't ask why.


On June 2nd, we ate some yummy burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and headed off to see McBusted at the O2!


In the morning we treated ourselves to some waffles and gelato for breakfast :)

Now. Here is something rather exciting. Not wanting to miss our flight back to London like we had done with the train, we showed up to the airport pretty early. We were in the process of moving some things around in our bags when a stranger approached me. It took me a second, but suddenly it dawned on me who this mystery man was. 'Twas none other than Mr. James Bourne from Busted!!! He saw me wearing my McBusted shirt from the concert (it's what happens when you squeeze your suitcase shut and realize you're still wearing your pyjamas). He came over for a quick chat, and we got a little photo. So cool! I was almost shaking as I called my mom afterward. Please excuse my hideosity in this photo, I didn't really know what to do with myself!

Okay. This post is getting way too long for my liking. So this was the first week of our trip done, and I've decided I'll cut it here for now. My next post may or may not be about week two, I may save it for later! All depends if I get any ideas in the meantime. Hope you've enjoyed hearing about the trip so far, and please leave some comments below letting me know if you like this style, if I'm rambling on too much or if there are too many pictures for your taste! I will take it with a grain of salt and try to make the next one even better :)

So, until next time,
Liv :) <3 xx


  1. That's so cool that James came up to you guys, James has always been my favourite since I was a kid I would have no idea what to do if he came up to me haha

  2. Loved this style of blog because you sound like you are having some amazing adventures; so jealous of all your gigging and travelling! I just published a blog post about lacking fun ideas for summer entertainment, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  3. This all sounds like so much fun, I'm so jealous! And this was really fun to read, I think you balanced words and pictures really nicely :) x

  4. You guys, thanks for commenting! I literally squeal a little bit when I see the comment number jump up one more. Keep em coming! :)

  5. I came here after seeing your comment on sprinkle of glitters page. Great blog and what an awesome story to tell about James Bourne!
    I'm about to post a blog about my recent holiday, I didn't have any celeb encounters, however 5sos did drive past us at the airport and we got to watch home and away being filmed haha