Monday, 22 September 2014

We're All One Big Family

Hello there everyone!

I have had a very busy few weeks indeed. But they have certainly been wonderful! I wanted to tell you one of the reasons for that today... I have two new family members!

About two months and one month ago, respectively, I welcomed two precious little ones into my home in the form of... GUINEA PIGS!!!!

Bubbles and Archie are the new loves of my life, they are literally the cutest things I have ever owned. I got them out of a pretty frightful pet store situation (18 of them in one tank thing... yikes!) and had to spend a small fortune at the vet's getting them free of lice and mites. But now they are healthy little piggies and I love them to pieces! The only thing is, they are just babies and they don't always let me hold them.. at all! Anyone know about this? Comment below if ya do :)

There's only so much you can say about guinea pigs really, so I'll let these few pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Bubbles (left) and Archie (right) having a stare-down... they aren't always the best of friends.

Until next time,
Liv, Bubbles, and Archie <3


  1. oh my gosh so cute !! archie looks so fluffy !! and bubbles has such pretty coloring !!

  2. Your guinea pigs are gorgeous!!! Super cute.